How we work

At Anzu we embrace customer centricity. Our dedicated team focuses on understanding your challenges and objectives, identifying suitable AI models, and developing innovative concepts on top of our cutting-edge technology.

A typical project flow for a customer of Anzu would include:

Step 1


During the first phase we will identify the specific use case for the AI, as well as any data sources that will be needed. This involves a deep analysis of the customer's existing data and processes/workflows.

Step 2


Once the use case is clear, we will need the necessary data which involves in cleaning and structuring the data, as well as identifying any relevant data subsets.

Step 3

Model training

After we prepare the data, the model will be trained on the specific use case.

Once the model is trained, together we will evaluate the model to ensure we will meet your needs.

Step 4


Once the model is evaluated and approved, it will be deployed to your own private (cloud) server. Depending on your needs, this involves integrating the model with existing systems, as well as providing training and support to end-users.

Step 5


After deployment, we will continue to work together to ensure that the model remains up-to-date and continues to meet evolving needs. This may involve re-training the model on new data, as well as making updates to the underlying architecture or infrastructure as needed.

What problem can we help you solve?

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