Navigating the AI Landscape Together: Unleashing New Possibilities Through Community Collaboration
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Welcome to the Community

Our community at ANZU Labs is driven by a shared excitement for AI and a genuine desire to participate in the ongoing technological revolution. Bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise, we believe in a collaborative environment that encourages learning and innovation. United by our common interest in Open Source Software, we strive to create a space where open dialogue, creativity, and the exchange of ideas flourish. Join us as we explore the vast potential of AI, working together to shape the future of technology and make a lasting impact.

Who is this for?

ANZU Labs welcomes anyone who is eager to learn, build, and share their knowledge and experiences within the AI domain. We believe that background and prior experience do not define one's potential; instead, it is one's motivation and passion that truly matter. Whether you have a project idea or are looking to develop new skills, our supportive community can help you turn your aspirations into reality.

Our offer

ANZU Labs provides resources to support your AI journey, fostering an environment where creativity, collaboration, and innovation thrive.


Enhance your communication skills with training from our resident expert, Tom, better equipping you to navigate the complex world of AI and our diverse community.

Tech & Tools

Access our robust selection of AI tools, technologies, and resources, including APIs, Jupyter notebooks, Gitlab, and Mattermost channels and boards, to continuously develop your skills.

Knowledge / Expertise

Participate in discussions and access our growing documentation to explore various AI models, learning from fellow community members and sharing your own insights.

Freedom to Create

Discover your niche, experiment with new ideas, and transform AI tools into powerful solutions that address real-world challenges.

Join our Live Events

ANZU Labs hosts hackathons and interactive gatherings to foster creativity, collaboration, and innovation among our community members. Stay in the loop and connect with like-minded individuals by signing up for our newsletter. Let's make a lasting impact in the world of AI!

Why join?

Stay ahead of the curve

Be among the first to get and share new knowledge and cutting-edge technology in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

Access powerful tools

Utilize our comprehensive suite of AI tools and resources to enhance your skills and drive innovation.

Connect with peers

Engage with a diverse community of AI enthusiasts and professionals, fostering collaboration and learning.

Grow together

Benefit from our growth and the opportunities it brings to you and your projects.

Join the Community Now!

Join the Anzu Discord Community!

Step into a thriving space of innovation and discovery in AI. Engage in dynamic discussions, share your ideas, and learn alongside others with a shared passion for AI.

If you're serious about contributing to AI's evolution, we have a next level just for you: our exclusive Anzu Labs environment. Here, you can work with AI models and play a direct role in AI development.

Once you've introduced yourself in our Discord community and if you're keen on growing with us, just send a message to one of our moderators. Then, we'll invite you to step into the Anzu Labs environment.

Are you ready to ignite your AI journey with us? Join today!